Walking & Biking

Safely commute to work on two legs or two wheels.


Walking and bicycling to work aren't just about staying fit and healthy. Quite simply, walking and bicycling are the most inexpensive and efficient forms of transportation for short trips around town and to work.


Bike to Work Day 2017

Every May, CommuteSmart Birmingham participates in National Bike to Work Day. Throughout America, cyclists will participate in this annual initiative by conducting various activities that highlight the benefits of cycling. Annually, our goal is to continue encouraging people to bike to work as well as CELEBRATING those who already do!   


john Chaney

City of Birmingham - Cyclist

 “I use CommuteSmart as a way to becoming energy efficient, and at the same time an added bonue to becoming mentally alert and physically fit.  Years ago, I experienced many health issues.  I now bike several times per week, a 26-mile round trip from my home in Forestdale to my job for the City of Birmingham.  I go by the 3 D’s of life, Desire, Discipline and Dedication.”


Brian Johnson

UAB - Walker

“When I moved to Birmingham, I decided to walk to work because, along with public transit, walking is how I’ve commuted for most of my career.  My wife and I have only needed one car between the two of us.  We save thousands not having an extra car loan or buying gas, oil changes, tires, brakes, parking, and all the other high costs, along with the other hassles of owning a car.”