Transit Rider

Save money, sit back and relax while someone else does the driving.

Transit can save you money on gas, car maintenance and parking fees. Even if you can't use transit for commuting, consider using it for business meetings, errands and non-commute travel.  Some employers may also be eligible to purchase Metro Area Express (MAX) passes at a discount. Employers can purchase Metro Area Express (MAX) passes in bulk (25 or more) and may qualify for a discount.  Ask your employer if subsidies are available for transit passes and take a look at BJCTA's Web site for maps and fares.

Learn more at the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority's website.


Linda McFarland

Birmingham Public Library – Transit Rider

“I love the benefits of CommuteSmart, such as cleaner air. Also, it’s like getting a raise in pay since I no longer have all the expenses of gas, oil, insurance, repairs and upkeep associated with car ownership.” 

Mike Mahon.JPG

Mike Mahon

FHL Capital Corporation - Transit Rider

"I decided to commute via bus because it's more enjoyable, less expensive, just as quick, and better for the community than driving alone. The benefits to me include more free time, less transit cost, and better experience. The benefits to the community include easing road congestion, improving air quality, and connecting people. CommuteSmart helps me connect to neighbors also pursuing alternative commutes, as well as offering incentives and an emergency ride home program."