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A commuter vanpool is a group of 7 to 15 people who ride to and from work each day in a comfortable passenger van. The cost of vanpooling varies from van to van, but the more riders you have, the less you pay! A CommuteSmart representative can provide information on existing vanpools and let you know if you are eligible for a vanpool subsidy. To find out more information or to join one of our existing vanpools today, call 205-264-8412. Download the Vanpool Program Features information sheet.


Brian Harmon

UAB – Vanpooler

“CommuteSmart has actually freed me from the pressure of commuting. I don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot or pay for parking every month. Unless I’m the driver for the day, I don’t have to deal with nutty drivers, so when I get to work, I’m not tense, and many days I’m relaxed by the time I get home.” 


What is a vanpool?

 A vanpool is a group of five or more riders who want to save time, save money, and reduce stress on the way to work. They voluntarily travel together to and from work in a shared van and they all share in the cost of their commute. Vanpool management and operations for CommuteSmart are contracted through Enterprise Rideshare.

Who drives the van?

 A vanpool coordinator is a voluntary role and they take responsibility for the vanpool, arrange to have the vehicle serviced, and is the point person between the vanpool and CommuteSmart. The vanpool coordinator is also the primary driver, but most vans have two to four people who share driving duties.

All drivers must be 25 years or older and meet minimum driver requirements, which vary by state. As part of the Enterprise Rideshare driver application process, each driver’s motor vehicle record is checked annually to ensure that it is in compliance with our policies. 

Why should I vanpool?

Vanpooling saves the average commuter 50%-75% versus driving alone, plus it saves time and is less stressful. It also reduces the number of cars on our roadways, saves thousands of gallons of fuel, and drastically reduces air pollution on an annual basis.

How much does it cost to vanpool?

Pricing varies based on the size of the van, the round-trip distance, and the type of equipment in a van. Compared to the cost of driving alone for long distance commutes, vanpooling will save on average 50-75%. The monthly cost of each vanpool is shared among all the participants in the vanpool.

The cost to vanpool is often comparable to what you pay for just gasoline. When you consider the wear and tear, maintenance, tires and the entire incidental costs associates with driving alone, vanpooling is very economical. Call 205-264-8412 for specific pricing.

What type of vehicles are used?

We offer a variety of late-model vehicle options for vanpools including minivans, passenger vans with standard bench style seating or fully converted passenger vans with individual reclining captain’s seats. We also offer a line of crossovers and SUVs.

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