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Reduce Transportation Stress

Productive, happy and less stressed employees are good for the bottom line. Employers who implement commute options programs have seen company, employee, community benefits and more.

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University of Alabama Birmingham

"CommuteSmart offers services that are essential in our strategy to reduce parking pressure, offering easy-to-use programs to help our employees and students get to UAB using many different modes of transportation.  CommuteSmart helps connect individuals who want to carpool or vanpool, which reduces the expense of transportation to UAB for the participants and creates new connections among our community." 
Julie Price, UAB Sustainability Manager



“The benefits of using the CommuteSmart program has been clear. It has helped SPOC utilize our existing real-estate footprint and reduced the need to relocate the plant to a new site for several years. The program has improved consistency of the team members time schedules and fostered a great team camaraderie among participating employees. All the SPOC team members involved in the program are pleased with the experience, benefits and cost savings.” – Robert Mason, CEO SPOC



“Our partnership with CommuteSmart is one born out of necessity. The YWCA’s AmeriCorps members, residents and staff have many transportation needs and various obstacles to overcome. CommuteSmart is the perfect community partner by helping us meet the needs of our team as we help meet the needs of others. I consider it a win/win for all!" 

Angela Scott Abdur-Rasheed, YWCA Director of Americorps



Company Benefits

  • Added benefit program to offer employees with no cost to the company

  • Reduced parking and transportation issues for employees and visitors

  • Increased productivity and timeliness of employees

  • Reduced employee absenteeism & unexpected departures

  • Company can potentially receive tax benefits

  • Increased company PR & marketing opportunities

  • Earn points toward LEED certification, for new and existing buildings

Employee Benefits

  • Save money on gasoline, auto maintenance, and insurance

  • Save your car from the wear and tear of daily commuting, extending automobile life and slowing depreciation

  • Make travel time productive and enjoyable; instead of fighting traffic alone

  • Active participants receive free transportation in case of an emergency or an unforeseen circumstance at work

  • Healthier option for walkers/bikers and less stress for carpoolers/vanpoolers

  • Receive incentives for taking an alternative commute

Community Benefits

  • Reduce traffic congestion

  • Less pollution, cleaner air

  • Decreased fuel consumption

  • Strengthen community connections


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