University of Alabama at Birmingham

Green Campus

As an institution with leadership dedicated to creating a more sustainable environment, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) has had a working relationship with CommuteSmart for several years. In April 2007, UAB officially became a CommuteSmart Partner, institutionalizing its commitment to helping its employees enjoy commute solutions. Its suite of programs encourage and assist employees to take commute alternatives to reduce traffic congestion, increase parking availability and improve air quality on campus.

To eliminate short trips, UAB offers a shuttle service which carries employees across campus. Once called, the shuttles arrive within a brief five to eight minute response time, making this option feasible for employees with tight schedules. UAB offers preferential parking for carpools and vanpools consisting of three or more riders and provides bike racks to encourage cycling among employees and students.

Employees can take advantage of a pre-tax payroll deduction for their carpool or vanpool parking spots, which can be divided among all members of the pool, thanks to the federal Commuter Choice tax benefit.
Each Monday, UAB holds a new employee orientation, at which time a CommuteSmart outreach coordinator is on hand to explain Commuter Choice and other benefits to employees.

And clean commuters don't have to worry about getting stranded in the event of an emergency, thanks to Emergency Ride Home, a CommuteSmart program that offers up to five free rides home a year to those who use a commute alternative.

UAB's commute options program is convenient to those working, living and studying on campus, but more importantly, it benefits the quality of life for everyone in Greater Birmingham.






18,000 Students
Service shuttles convey employees to and from meetings and offer roadside assistance to employees and visitors

Reasons for Joining

A growing campus reducing parking availability, requiring UAB to become more efficient
UAB strives for environmental excellence

Business Benefits

Reduced traffic congestion on campus
Improved morale
Provides positive and productive workplace