Neal and Holly Williams

A couple committed ... to clean commuting

Neal and Holly Williams are the average Blount County residents. Each day, they make the trek from their home in Oneonta to their offices in Birmingham and back again. But what makes this couple unique is that for the past 18 years, they've been sharing the ride to work with each other.

Neal and Holly's story begins when they both moved to the Birmingham area in the 1980s. The couple met in 1989 when Neal took a job at Holly's sign shop in Birmingham. Both resided in Southside at the time and decided to start carpooling to the shop together in 1990. Soon after in that same year, Neal and Holly started dating. Carpooling and working together helped their relationship blossom, and they were married in 1992.

Throughout their life together, the Williams have always made sharing the ride to work together a priority. Neal can't imagine it any other way. Each morning he drops Holly off and then proceeds to his office. Occasionally the couple will listen to music, but they usually spend the drive talking and marveling at crazy drivers.

They are proud to be helping to improve Greater Birmingham's air quality by taking one more polluting vehicle off the road each day.

They also save money on fuel and maintenance costs. If they drove separately, they'd spend almost $800 a month on gas. Carpooling cuts this cost in half. Even better, they signed up for CommuteSmart's Commuter Club incentive program, through which they've earned $25 gift cards for reporting their clean commutes.

Dedicated carpoolers and other alternative commuters who work or live in Jefferson and Shelby Counties can also get a chance to receive gift cards just by logging 20 clean commutes over a three-month period. Commuter Club is CommuteSmart's way of saying thank you for making the switch from driving alone.

Neal and Holly love sharing the ride together and encourage other people to try carpooling as well. They're confident that once you start, you'll want to keep doing it for the next 20 years.

If you're already using a clean commute, such as carpooling, taking transit, walking, teleworking or bicycling, then Commuter Club is the program for you. Sign up today and start logging your commute. You can earn a $25 gift card too!