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Share the ride with a group and save even more!

What is a vanpool?

A commuter vanpool is a group of five to 15 people who travel to and from work each day in a comfortable passenger van and share in the cost of the commute as well as the driving responsibilities.

Want to form your own vanpool?

We'll guide you through the process, using our online ridematch database to link you with other commuters from your area. We can help you find riders, plan your route, and calculate the monthly cost savings. You can also join one of our existing vanpools and get started immediately.

How much does it cost?

The cost of vanpooling varies from van to van. Each van participant pays an equal share of the operating costs which include the van payment, gasoline, parking, etc. So the more riders on the van, the less everyone pays! A CommuteSmart representative can provide information on existing vanpools and let you know if you are eligible for a vanpool subsidy.

Why should I vanpool?

  • You will drastically cut your commuting costs and reduce wear and tear on your car.
  • Save your sanity. You can catch up on work, read, relax and even build new friendships.
  • Help clean our air. Less traffic means less air pollution.
  • If you ever need to leave work unexpectedly, the Emergency Ride Home program offers up to five free rides home annually.

Read additional Frequently Asked Questions about vanpooling.

Vanpool Coordinator

Kelly Leake

How do I get started?

Give CommuteSmart a call at 205-264-8412 or register in our online ridematch database.

If you'd like some preliminary information, fill out the short form on our vanpool list and a CommuteSmart representative will be in touch with you.

You may also download the rideshare application and mail or fax back to CommuteSmart.

Commuter Services

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1 Cost per mile include maintenance, insurance, et cetera. AAA reports the current average is .585 as of Dec. 2010.
2 Cost of vanpooling based on the CommuteSmart Vanpool Program Fare Schedule effective 2012. For more information visit the vanpool page.

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